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ELS Dynamic Consulting, LLC, is a boutique business intelligence and relationship consultancy which specializes in providing operational solutions through performance metrics, analytical analysis and data management for transportation, IT, supply chain, environmental, health, sports and media organizations seeking to establish presence in US and Africa.

Our methodologies are designed to facilitate access and establish critical strategic relationships with influential public and private decision makers. Through data, analytics, extensive planning and experience we help clients and their future business partners craft more informed operational decisions for success.

We believe clients should have a smooth and efficient transition into their new business models or opportunities by providing them with the most transparent information and data, preparing for key decision makers which will enable business and partnerships to happen skillfully and efficiently while reducing bureaucratic inefficiencies and superfluous expenditures.

ELS Dynamic Consulting LLC is headquartered in Ft. Washington, PA, Pennsylvania with associate resources based in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and Accra, Ghana. We emphasize quality service and 24-hour support and communication with clients. This is imperative for its organization’s efficiency and productivity. Our clients find this most essential in order to maintain profitable and know that we’ll do what necessary to see any project through regardless of the task or commitment.

Our Services Forecast the Future 
Our Clients


Rhode Island Department Education (Transpar Group) –
Data Management/KPI/Billing Processing Solutions

Tuscan Department of Education (Transpar Group) –
Data Management/KPI/Fleet Management/Budgeting

Biodegradable Environmental Solutions & Technology (B.E.S.T., LLC) –
Supply Chain/Logistics/Data Management/Import & Exporting

Sneak Me App – (D4 Interface) –
Project Management/Business Intelligence/KPI/ Strategic Planning

Importing/Exporting Project –
Logistics/Procurement/Project Management/KPI

About Us

Edward Spann has over 25 years in data management, finance and budgeting. He has provided financial models and analytical solutions in the area of energy, transportation, media, sports & entertainment among others industries. Over the years, he has developed a strong network of entrepreneurs that can provide and array of services throughout the globe. My team of consultants can support our clients anywhere 24-day, 7 days a week.

ELS Dynamic Consulting, is a Certified Minority Business. We relish the opportunities to have diverse partnerships especially ones that’s interested in reaching emerging markets in Africa. We believe that there are many innovative opportunities for economic growth for minority organizations in emerging markets ELS Dynamic Consulting is the bridge to those opportunities.

ELS Dynamic Consulting LLC is headquartered in Ft. Washington, PA, Pennsylvania with associate resources based in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and Accra, Ghana.

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Transportation Logistics Planning & Fleet Support

We interpret transportation policies and implement new procedure which is dedicated to increase safety and operational efficiency. We believe in fiscally responsible fleet management in the areas business, school bus or municipal operations. Our understanding of costs, advanced scheduling, maintenance and repairs, fuel, routing, budgeting strategies, technology and key performance indicators are critical to becoming logistically sound and cost effective.

Business Statistics and Analysis

We learn your business, then formulate simulation models, relating constants and variables, restrictions, alternatives, conflicting objectives, and their numerical parameters to determine positive outcomes within the confines of business operations.

From your business data, we’ll develop probability concepts, key performance indicators, including measuring and modeling uncertainty, while using various data distributions, dashboards and visualization.

The focus is to simplify information and clearly define solutions that can be supported by analytical data, practicability, probability and predictability.  

Data Management

We provide data management solutions and collection protocol that fits your corporate and operational profile. We cleanse, format and prepare data for accuracy.
Good Data = Good Outcomes

Knowledge of the following data formats; Excel, R, MySQL, SQL, SAP and Tableau

·        Operational Analytics
·        Descriptive Analytics
·        Predictive Analytics
·        Linear Regression Models
·        Dashboards
·        Budget Management

Project Manangement

We manage project execution to ensure adherence to budget, schedule, and scope. Drive your business intelligence and increase your ROI, with smart capable and accountable professionals that will aggressively meet milestones, deliverables and resolve problems without subjecting corporate goals and budget objectives. 
·        Transportation
·        Supply Chain
·        Waste Management
·        Information Technology
·        Logistics
·        Energy/Alternative Power
·        Import/Exports

Emerging Market (Africa – Ghana, Nigeria, Angola)

As counselors in consummating the right relationships — quite simply — we provide access to Africa. Establishing a network of credible and proprietary relationships, is the single most important aspect of initiating and sustaining a successful business venture in Africa.
For companies that meet our criteria, we mobilize our extensive network of relationships with the highest levels of government officials — at national, regional and local levels — to facilitate immediate, efficient and skillful access into the African market place. 

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Green & Biodegradable Solutions

ELS Dynamic has an array of resources in the green community through biodegradable products. We believe biodegradable goods, strengthens our environments, improves economic stability and stabilizes our ecosystems. Let us craft your biodegradable strategy and find the right products to service your market and customers.

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